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Why can’t the Tim Tebow haters just let him be?

He has been out of the league for the past 6 years.  Tebow asked Meyer for a tryout and obviously showed enough as a Tight End (TE) to earn a contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars.  You keep reading he is taking away a job from another deserving player trying to make the NFL.  Do you really think Meyer would keep Tebow on the roster if he didn’t think Tebow was better for the team?  It’s also a non-guarantee contract, he if doesn’t make the team, the Jaguars don’t pay him.  What do they have to lose, yet the “haters” just keep hating and don’t want to allow Tebow even a chance to play in the NFL again.  Every team in the NFL is looking to improve their team and chances to win.  If Tebow improves the Jaguars, keep him.  If not, release him.  No harm no foul.

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