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Time For Oakland A’s To Move On

The Oakland A’s have been trying to get a new stadium for about as long as I can remember. The fifty-five year old Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is the worst Major League Baseball Stadium in the league. The A’s have not been able to secure a location in the Bay Area because the San Francisco Giants claim the area’s fan base, so the A’s can’t intrude on the Giants. Negotiations with the City of Oakland have been unsuccessful.

Major League Baseball finally gave the A’s permission to secure a new stadium site outside of Oakland. Possible relocation cities mentioned are Montreal, Las Vegas, Portland, and Nashville to mention a few.

It’s time for the A’s to move to a city that actually wants them, and personally, I would love to see the A’s move to Las Vegas. Over the past four years, Las Vegas has proven they can support professional teams. The Golden Knights are sold out every night. With such a strong fan base, the Knights have one of the best home ice advantages in NHL.

In addition, the Raiders have moved into state-of-the-art Allegiant Stadium. Unfortunately, Raider Nation, the team’s fan base, weren’t allowed inside the beautiful venue due to the pandemic. However, now that Covid restrictions are lifting, the entire city is anxious to see the Raiders finally play at home this season.

Now that sports, in general, are no longer taboo, leagues are finally excepting the advantages of Las Vegas. It’s not just a city, but a destination, drawing people from all over the world to participate in Vegas’s plethora of attractions, which now includes professional sports.

Whether the A’s move to Montreal, Las Vegas, Portland, or Nashville, it is time the A’s moved on from Oakland. The city has had decades to make the A’s situation right, but have not provided them with the new stadium they have for so long desired.

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