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NFL Quarterbacks

The NFL season is upon us.  We all know the league is Quarterback driven.  Who’s your Pikk?

NFC East

Cowboys  –  Dak Prescott

Redskins  –   Ryan Fitzpatrick

Giants  –  Daniel Jones

Eagles  –  Jalen Hurts

A healthy Dak Prescott will go a long way to helping the Cowboys win the NFC East, but will they have a Defense that will stop anyone?

NFC North

Packers  –  Aaron Rodgers

Vikings  –  Kirk Cousins

Bears  –  Andy Dalton (until Justin Fields takes over)

Lions  –  Jared Goff

Does Aaron Rodgers have enough around him to win again?  Will Kirk Cousins ever step up and play well in a big game?  Will the Lions ever get out of last place?

NFC South

Buccaneers  –  Tom Brady

Saints  –  Jameis Winston

Panthers  –  Sam Darnold

Falcons  –  Matt Ryan

Tom Brady again is favored to win another Super Bowl.  Can Winston stop his turnovers?  

NFC West

Seahawks  –  Russell Wilson

49’ers  –  Jimmy Garoppolo (only until Trey Lance is ready)

Rams  –  Matthew Stafford

Cardinals  –  Kyler Murray

Clearly the best division for top QB’s.  Will Russell Wilson finally have an offensive line that can block?  How long before the 49’ers move on to Trey Lance (or until Jimmy G gets injured)?  Can Matthew Stafford finally beat a team above .500?  Will Murray continue his improvement at QB and become an elite QB?

AFC East

Bills  –  Josh Allen

Patriots  –  Mac Jones

Dolphins  –  Tua Tagovailoa

Jets  –  Zach Wilson

Will Josh Allen remain one of the top QB’s?  Can Mac Jones (a rookie QB) return the Patriots to the playoffs?  Is Tua going to be any good in this league?  Hopefully Zach Wilson will not suffer Sam Darnold’s fate with the Jets.

AFC North

Ravens  –  Lamar Jackson

Browns  –  Baker Mayfield

Steelers  –  Ben Roethlisberger

Bengals  –  Joe Burrow

Will Jackson show improvement and allow the Ravens offense to open up more?  The Browns are very talented, will Baker keep from making too many mistakes?  Does Big Ben have anything left in the tank?  Will Joe Burrow fully recover from his injury he suffered last year?

AFC South

Titans  –  Ryan Tannehill

Colts  –  Carson Wentz

Texans  –  Tyrod Taylor

Jaguars  –  Trevor Lawrence

Will Tannehill continue his growth as a quality QB?  Will Wentz ever stay healthy and return to the form of several years ago before all of his injuries?  What bad luck will Taylor face this year and how long will the Texans pay Watson to sit on the bench and remain inactive?  How long before Trevor Lawrence has enough good players around him to actually allow him to be a good QB?

AFC West

Chiefs  –  Patrick Mahomes

Raiders  –  Derek Carr

Chargers  –  Justin Herbert

Broncos  –  Teddy Bridgewater

Will the Chiefs O-Line hold up and return Mahomes to unstoppable?  Will the Raiders have enough defense to compete?  The Chargers had the worst O-Line in the NFL last year, did they improve on the O-Line?  Can Bridgewater do just enough to allow the Broncos to win?

The regular season is starting this week, we will have the answers to these questions and many more very soon.

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