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Fans in the Stands

It’s a shame Sports have now become so political, just like everything else in the world.  What happened to the days when we could just enjoy watching our favorite sports on TV, forget about what’s going on in the world, and just talk sports with our friends and colleagues.

Everything in the world has been different the last fifteen months, including sports.  We are all hoping things go back to “normal” and sports are no different.  Stadiums and arenas are starting to allow more and more fans to attend and as a sports fan who watches a lot of games on TV, it is really nice to see the fans back.  I believe we all have a greater appreciation (both fans and players) for “fans in the stands” and, hopefully the “bad behavior” by fans will be limited.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that way as we have already seen instances of dumping popcorn on an opposing player, and spitting on a player.  

Come on people, let’s enjoy the games, let everyone in attendance have a great time, and quit being idiots (for those few who don’t care and ruin the experience for everyone else in attendance).

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